Ready Made Party Bags, Bulk Party Bags Items and Mixed Item lots

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Pirate Ready Made

Choose either the Gold Pirate loot bag or the Skull and Crossbone loot bag

This is then filled with a Eye Patch, Earring, Tattoo, Notebook, Pencil, Pinball and balloon

One Bag Supplied


Jungle Ready Made Box

Included.;- Jungle animal box, jungle animal rubber with moveable legs, animal notebook, 4 mini colouring pencils, jungle puzzle and a balloon

One box supplied


Football Ready Made Box

Inlcuded:- Box, football keychain, football notebook, football pencil, jetball, temporary tattoo and a balloon.

One box supplied


General Mix Ready made Box

Included:- Box of either yellow or blue, Dot to Dot book, 4 mini colouring pencils, slide puzzle, jetball, smiley face drum, finger monster.

One box supplied


Fairy Ready Made Box

Included:- Fairy box, fairy glider (mixed designs), mini princess playing cards, heart bracelet, Princess notebook, Princess pencil, temporary tattoo and a balloon

One box supplied


Girls Princess Ready Made Box

Included:- Pink surprise box (can be changed to fairy), Princess notebook, Princess pencil, rabbit rubber, multi coloured bead bracelet, Jelly bangle, Gem ring, temporary tattoo and a balloon

One box supplied


Dinosuar Ready Made Box

Included:- Dinosaur box (designs vary), dinosaur notebook, dinosaur pencil, neon spikey dinosaur (colour may vary), small dinosaur toy (design may vary), temporary tattoo and a balloon

One box supplied


Sweet cones

Please note that we will make to the value of £2.50 with the sweets we have on offer at the time of order unless you state which sweets you would like in them. See examples in picutre


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